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Good Morning, In light of unsafe items being found on the Baldy Mesa playground in the past couple weeks, I am letting you all know that we take this very seriously. All of our grounds keepers and staff who have access to the school grounds have been put on alert. Luckily, Phelan Elementary has a SEE or HEAR something-- SAY something culture, so any unsafe item/s tend to be reported immediately. Additionally, I will be personally doing a perimeter check each morning of our playground - specifically our woodchip areas on top field, bottom field, and kindergarten playground. Please know that the SAFETY of our Phelan Falcons is our number one priority. It saddens me that Baldy Mesa is going through this. It is a wonderful school that I spent 25 years working with great families. Please keep our Roadrunner family in your hearts and thoughts. We are in this together. Sincerely, Mr. Buckley

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